What is volcast.com?
volcast.com is an online service that provides audio versions of online blogs, articles, or any other printed media. The content owner is in complete control of their content.
Who can use volcast.com?
Content publishers can use volcast.com by placing volcast.com's link on their sites next to each article they would like to provide autio version of. Content users can then listen to the volcasts.
Is volcast.com good for my web site? How does volcast.com help me?
If you are running a blog, a news site, or any other web site that provides content in the form of text, volcast.com is the perfect service to complement your users' experience. We at volcast.com believe there's a huge number of people who would like to consume content online in audio format - this is where we come in: by providing that additional experience we allow publishers the opportunity to expand their audience like never before!
I am a publisher. Why should I use volcast.com?
volcast.com will help your exposure and increase the consumption of your online material. Now your users can not only read your material but listen to it as well.
I am not a publisher, just a regular user. Why would I want to use volcast.com?
volcast.com lets you listen to your favorite blogs while you're on the go: while driving, on the bus or while you're doing whatever. You don't have to miss out on valuable information because you're too busy with something else to read it right now.
I am a publisher. How much will volcast.com cost me?
volcast.com is free and we plan to keep it that way. There is no limit to how many of your site visitors listen to the volcasts.
I just want to listen to volcasts. How much will it cost me to use volcast.com?
volcast.com is free of charge.